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YOPADGH is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ghana which is dedicated to empowering the youth and youth groups. It was established in 2010 as a voluntary youth development organization that aims to support society's disadvantaged poverty-stricken youth and to help create opportunities for those in rural areas who find themselves in various difficult situations. We function largely through individual volunteers who have come together to help find solutions to problems such as illiteracy, poverty, drug addiction, crime, and HIV and AIDS infections. Our areas of work also include youth rights advocacy, and promoting peace and sustainable development work in Ghana, and globally.


We have a vision of reaching out to societies in which young people are responsible and are motivated to achieve their full potential, and where they work tirelessly to transform their communities. We also envisage a world in which people everywhere live in peace and have their basic needs met.

Thus it was established first and foremost to provide assistance to children and the young and vulnerable people who live in poverty and lack the capability and resources to turn their lives around. The idea was to get the youth working together to help those in need. A sense of community was quickly established as membership grew in leaps and bounds, and fruitful work was being done. Currently over 50 youth in the in the greater Accra region depends on the organisation for their education and their upkeep.

YOPADGH inspires the youth to take action on national and global issues, and works to promote good governance through policy advocacy and lobby, and to building peace through conflict resolution. We provide outreach to the youth through the provision of job training and development of job skills, with the objective of reducing poverty particularly within marginalized and deprived communities.

Our parent organization, YOPADUK, is based in Coventry, United Kingdom. YOPADUK among other things, runs anti-poverty programmes and does HIV conselling work in Coventry. They work with us and provide us with the needed guidance and support in what we do. www.yopad.org.uk 

Our primary goal is to build the capacity of the youth and equip them with employable skills to enable them contribute effectively to the society in which they live. 

We rely exclusively on volunteer help, and we gladly welcome new volunteers who would like to join us and work with us. If you'd like to lend a hand you are most welcome.

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We also welcome any donations you can offer. It is these that help us to sustain our ongoing projects.

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